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      About Cremix

      Cremix always dedicates herself to the development and the promotion of ceramic science and technology and to lead the application trend of intelligent ceramic tile. Read More >>



      Shandong Cremix Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd, the headquarter, is located in Zibo city, Shandong province, covering an area of 11,000 square meters. In 2018, Foshan Cremix Technology Co., Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary, was established and 5 subordinated offices have been set up successively in China’s major ceramic production areas. Our products and services have already covered all major ceramic production areas. Based on the professional and dedicated work ethos, Shandong Cremix Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd provides customers with comprehensive and integral solutions, supports and leads them to upgrade products and technology thoroughly. On the way, Cremix constantly rushes the rapid and standardized development of China's ceramic industry.

      Shandong Cremix Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd is committed to the development, production and sales of the ceramic materials and advanced technical ceramics. The main products are digital ceramic inks, ceramic glaze and frits, dry granular, printing glaze, daily porcelain and sanitary ware materials and so on, providing the lasted ceramic materials and advanced integral solutions. Cremix is the only ceramic inks sales and service partner of EFI (NASDAQ-listed) in China, which is a silicon-valley well-known industrial digital technology company in the united states. With high-quality ink, product performance is improved optimally and the profit is achieved maximumly. More than, Cremix also keeps intense cooperation with famous Italian and Spanish colored glaze companies to innovate new products and to introduce new technology and services. We also provide customers with the most complete solutions and lead them to upgrade and innovate products to maximize the add-value and to enhance competitiveness.

      Cremix insists on paying attention to the independent research and development by introducing modern R&D devices, processes and testing equipment. At the same time, Cremix keeps importing foreign advanced technology for localized production and service. Because of that, Cremix is able to guarantee the stability of glaze performance, to increase the added value and to simplify the production process with better service. So, the production cost of customers will be reduced. From the design to the R&D and to the production, Cremix can offer a full range of integral solutions to ensure that customers can be fully supported and serviced in new product development, industrial production and technology application etc.. Cremix can always excess to achieve customers’ expectations and help customers to achieve sustainable development.

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      Our Mission

      We unceasingly devote ourselves into introducing the top advanced products and technologies in the global industry, serving Chinese ceramic and promoting the development of ceramic technology. We are determined to lead the trend of intelligent ceramic tile production and application, to integrate technology and ceramic production, and to promote the industry progress.

      Our Vision

      To be a sustainable and steady enterprise. 

      Our Core Value

      People oriented. Creating value. Always reforming and advancing timely. 

      Our Operation Principle

      Hold on integrity the basement and the quality the first. Focus on the profession and the technical innovation.

      Our Service Principle

      To keep in steps with the market and to grasp the application trend.
      To be customer-oriented and surpass customers’ satisfaction with superior service.

      Our Management Principle

      Persist in standardized, normalized and modernized management.
      Persist in talent the first and elevation on merits to optimize the top-level design.
      Persist in sincere solidarity and initiative cooperation. 


      Eddie Cheng

      General Manager (The Founder)

      Eddie Cheng graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Shandong University of Industry (now named Shandong University). Before establishing the company in 2009, he served as the senior engineer and the regional director in SACMY Italy. In 2015, the company was renamed as Shandong Cremix Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd, which devotes itself to upgrading of ceramic production equipment and technology. Cremix is committed to introducing the most advanced mechanical equipment and process technologies to local application. For years, the company has always led the promotion of Chinese ceramic industry. Now, Cremix has established long-term cooperation relationships with outstanding enterprises in the industry.


      John Wang

      Deputy General Manager

      John Wang graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineer of Qilu University of Technology. He has been engaged in ceramic industry for more than 20 years. Prior to Cremix, he served as the equipment manager, the export manager, the assistant of general manager, the deputy general manager and the general manager etc. in ceramic industries. Since his join in Cremix in 2015, John has been in charge of the company's sales and management with rich experience, good decision-making and execution ability.


      Johnny Chu

      Technical Director

      Johnny Chu graduated from the major of ceramic engineer of National United University (Taiwan, China). He once served as the technical director of Bonet (Shanghai) and ASA Shanghai. During his nearly 30 years in ceramic industry, he is committed to the research and development of vitrified tile, wall tile body and glaze material. He is rich experienced in ceramic raw material integration, standardized management, site management and process management. Since join in Cremix, he has been fully responsible for the development of new technologies and products, the standardization of the production process and the formulation and modification of ISO standards.


      Evan Yin

      Deputy manager of marketing department

      Evan graduated from School of Materials Science and Engineering of Wuhan University of technology in 2006, majoring in cement, glass and ceramics. During his study, he also majored in Finance Department of Wuhan University. After his graduation, he once served in the special materials factory of Shandong Branch of Aluminum Corporation of China as a technician, successively engaged in the production and technical support of special ceramics, industrial alumina and special metals. From 2013 to 2019, he served in Zibo Juncera Ceramic Materials Co., Ltd as the general manager of domestic sales, mainly engaged in the business development of ceramic frits, glazes and other ceramic raw materials. In October 2019, he joined in Cremix as the deputy manager of the marketing department.


      Moody Cho

      Technical Manager

      Moody Cho graduated from the Department of Ceramic Engineering of National United University (Taiwan, China) and engaged in the ceramic industry for nearly 30 years. He has successively served in Taiwan, Italy, Spain ESMALGLASS and BONET for technical services and marketing. He has once worked to set up a ceramic factory in Vietnam. With professional ceramic raw material integration technology and formula debugging technology and online process solutions, he has won the high recognition of customers and the industry at home and abroad.


      Pinto Zhang

      After-sales Service Manager

      Since joining Cremix, Pinto has been fully responsible for the after-sales service of the company's machines and inks. Since he entered the ceramic industry in 2000, he has always persisted in self-improvement and obtained the senior maintenance electrician certification. He is one of the leaders in pre-sale technical consultation, in-sale technical communication and after-sales technical service in the field of ceramic equipment.


      Kelly Yu

      Financial Manager

      As one of the founders of Cremix, Kelly is in charge of the financial department of the company. In the past ten years, she has grown up together with Cremix, witnessing the development and the expansion of the company. During her stay in Cremix, she guided the management of the company to be standardized and modernized increasingly. Through constantly improving and optimizing the capital management, financial data analysis and daily operation under Kelly’s help, Cremix has developed yearly steadily strong.


      Amanda Ding

      Operation Manager

      Amanda Ding graduated from the College of Foreign Languages of Shandong University of Technology. After graduation, she has been engaged in volunteer teaching and youth service in Xinjiang for one year and a half. In August 2012, Amanda joined Cremix and now serves as the operation manager, fully responsible for client interface, sales contract drawing up and operation management and so on. She is always passionate, frank and optimistic. More than that, she always treats work principally, earnestly and responsibly.

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